SeaCure Custom Mouthpiece


Introducing the new “X Type” Model with “Bite Limiter” for better molding & more comfort!

Made in the U.S.A.

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New research shows poor mouthpieces cause jaw pain and damage in 41% of previously pain free divers!

SeaCure X type MouthpieceTHE ULTIMATE DIVING MOUTHPIECE – THE RESULT OF 20 YEARS in the moldable mouthpiece business!  SeaCure was created by an orthodontist, is guaranteed to fit YOU – PERFECTLY and is the only moldable “and remoldable” mouthpiece offset for both the upper and lower jaw positions.

Now available in NEW SIZES to fit Apeks, Poseidon and rebreathers!

The new and improved X Type SeaCure Custom Mouthpiece offers a totally new X shaped profile, which significantly reduces bulk, virtually eliminates gagging and improves molding by earlier engagement of the teeth during closure.  The new X Type also includes an improved one piece molding and sealing attachment.  The attachment is used in the molding process and then to keep debris out of the regulator.  It now provides a NEW bite limiter which eliminates the possibility of over closure during the heat molding process, thereby preventing reduced air flow during diving.

X Type Mouthpiece compared to a Standard Regulator Mouthpiece

SeaCure X Type

SeaCure is a unique, moldable mouthpiece designed to precisely fit the individual diver’s mouth, teeth, gums and jaw configuration to provide maximum support of a regulator and, thus, eliminate jaw fatigue.

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Custom Moldable

SeaCure Custom Mouthpiece, being moldable, cannot only perfectly fit every individual mouth but can actually enter the mouth all the way to the rear of the jaw employing all of the diver\\\’s teeth.

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Widely Available!

The SeaCure Custom Mouthpiece is marketed entirely through a network of over 1200 retail dive shops in the United States, and many more around the world.

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Testimonials and Press

We know SeaCure is awesome. But, don\\\’t take our word for it … Hear what the experts & divers alike think about the SeaCure Custom  Mouthpiece

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SeaCure Custom Mouthpiece
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